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Row, Fishermen, Row.

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Day 10. Tidal Song, a painting

7″ x 5″ oil on Masonite panel, $125, free shipping, no tax. Here’s to the light!

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Day Seven. Five Beach Birds, a painting

7″x5″ oil On Masonite panel. $125, free shipping, no tax. Here’s to the light!

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Day Three. Frampton Inlet, a painting.

7″ x 5″ oil on masonite panel. $125 free shipping no tax. Here’s to the light!

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Day One. Moonlight on Edingsville Beach, a painting.

$125. free shipping, no tax. 7″ x 5″ oil on panel. First dibs. Charlotte Hutson Wrenn, Artist, my public business page on Facebook is the easiest way to bid. Cheers! Here’s to the light!

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Frampton Inlet, a Great Circle

Day 10. Frampton Inlet, Edisto Island. Twelve Days of Paintings until the Winter Solstice. $99. no tax free shipping.

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Edisto as Eden Isle

God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, “Ah!” – Joseph Campbell Edisto Island is a sea island, nine miles wide. And even though water surrounds it and rivers run through it, the island is mostly a

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Tall Ships! South Carolina’s Maritime History

Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night, sailed off in a wooden shoe…..sailed on a river of crystal light… into a sea of dew… As a child, one of my favorite books was a beautifully illustrated poem called Wynken Blynken and

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The Ocean as Primal Dancer

“Unlike the land, which is fixed in one place, the sea manifests freedom: she is the primal dance…”   – John O’Donohue, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace. He writes about ocean, the sounds of which I hear tonight from my door. “Unlike the

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The Ocean at Edingsville Beach

“The ocean remains faithful to the land – it always returns.” – John O’Donohue John O’Donohue, in his book, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace, calls ocean ‘wild divinity’. Water, he writes, stirs something very deep and ancient in the human heart.

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Welcome to my blog about the Lowcountry of South Carolina, a place proud with beauty, history and art. Sometimes we feel a call, to be, to go, to do. I was called to be an artist, and as an old midwife from Alabama said, “If the good Lord wants you to do something, you won’t have no good luck until you do it.”

So here I am writing about what I know, about the 'under glimmer' as the poet Basho, says, the way I have learned to see, to notice. I am inspired by, and talking about the history and art and culture of this place that has called me to herself. By the ancestors.

My background includes a degree in fine arts from a small private college in Florida, and before that, four years of all girls' boarding school in Asheville. I worked as a professional photographer, helped my children grow up, and now and I love seasoned things, good food, better conversation, beauty, my beloved and beautiful Italian Greyhound, Beau. Moved by the sacred places and stories of this beautiful historic land called the Lowcountry, I am here in spirit and I hope to infect you with my love of this place.